PARTEX Workshop at Katowice (together with M. Pilinkiewicz, T. Studniarek)

   Atelier7 Atelier7

  Turów Power Plant administrative building at Bogatynia


  MAUGO Factory at Tarnowskie Góry

   Atelier7 Atelier7 

  SHINCHANG POLAND Factory at Gliwice


  VALEO Factory at Chrzanów (together with Valode et Pistre, ARUP)

   Atelier7 Atelier7 Atelier7 

  Silesian Logistics Centre Warehouse at Gliwice

   Atelier7 Atelier7

  JOY Manufacturing Plant at Tychy

  Silesian Logistics Centre Warehouse 1.05 at Gliwice

  SANDVIK Factory at Katowice

  ELECTROLUX Warehouse at Siewierz

  SANDVIK (VOEST ALPINE) Manufacturing Plant at Tychy

  VALEO Factory (together with Valode et Pistre, ARUP)

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