Dental Outpatient Clinic at Bielsko-Biała

  Św. Barbara Hospital redevelopment At Sosnowiec

  Specialist Hospital Bonifratrów redevelopment at Katowice

  Dental Outpatient Clinic at Ruda Śląska – Wirek


  Regional Hospital development and redevelopment at Tychy

   Atelier7 Atelier7

  Dr Janusz Daab Independent Public Regional Hospital of Trauma Surgery redevelopment at Piekary Śląskie

  MEDICOVER Hospital at Warsaw

  Dialysis Clinic with Nephrology department at Jaworzno

  American Heart of Poland Cardiological Hospital at Ustroń

   Atelier7 Atelier7

  Urological Hospital at Piekary Śląskie

   Atelier7 Atelier7

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