Commercial and Housing building at Żywiec

  Atelier7 Atelier7 Atelier7

  Budynek mieszkalno-usługowy w Bielsku-Białej

   Atelier7 Atelier7 Atelier7 

  AHOLD Shopping Centre at Katowice


  "3 Stawy" Shopping Centre at Katowice, in cooperation with Czora&Czora

   Atelier7 Atelier7 Atelier7 

  HYUNDAI Autosalon at Jaworzno

   Atelier7 Atelier7

  LIDL Superstore Katowice


  OBI superstore at Katowice

  Modular technology hotels

  G.K.G.Car ( FORD ) Autosalon at Bytom

  Residential houses

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