Based on many years of experience in developing investment programs, preparation of investment procedures and their implementation, we offer cooperation in the form of consultation and assistance in the preparation of health-care investments (development, redevelopment of existing facilities to adapt them to the present legal demands demands and modern medical procedures, construction of new facilities).

As a result of our experience in dealing with health–care designs, we expect to release soon the „Designing of health-care facilities” manual that were worked out from a number of years in cooperation with recognized medical authorities in Poland.

Defining user requirements 

We provide creation of most effective functional program with defining optimal investment standards and parameters after analyzing medical procedures to be implemented in your facility, considering medical staff experience and work habits.

Preparation of the investment program 

Based on our experience, defined inwestor’s medical procedures, standards, work habits to implement the relevant medical procedures, we provide preparation of the optimal investment program that meets the requirements of present legal demands, taking into account international trends and directions of development of health-care facilities.

Preparation of conceptual framework, concepts of investment, medical technology 

We prepare preliminary investment concepts, giving multivariate solutions, taking into account the investment opportunities and staff teams requirements to implement the relevant medical procedures. We establish guidelines for medical technology as well as visual identification of the object and its various functional areas.

Investment procedures legal suport - selection of the most effective procedures in accordance with the Public Procurement Law  

In the framework of the provision of legal suport, in cooperation with competent lawyers with years of experience in providing legal services to the investment projects based on the regulations of the Public Procurement Law, we select the most effective procedures of the investment, we develop a comprehensive specification of the terms of contracts and conduct legal custody of the process of the selection of tenderers and the investment realization.

Preparation of programs and applications for investment financing   

We work with companies specializing in the preparation of requests for funds for financing or co-financing of investment. We offer the most effective, most economical solutions that meet the requirements of the health-care investments financing institutions.

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